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Concrete Core Drilling
Concrete core drilling is one of the most cost-effective ways to create openings for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and sprinkler systems. Our highly trained, drug free, OSHA certified operators use reliable and productive equipment to safely drill holes from a quarter-inch to 66 inches in diameter, at any angle or depth. For special requirements a circular wire saw is used, and can cut at an unlimited diameter and depth with access to both sides.
Slab Sawing
Slab sawing features a diamond blade mounted on a powerful walk-behind saw, specifically designed to cut slab on grade, structural decks, roadways, airports and any other horizontal surface. Our slab saws are powered by gas, diesel and electric, hydraulic and hi-cycle and are capable of safely cutting slabs up to 24 inches thick. For inside areas, our electric hydraulic and hi-cycle saws are the most powerful saws available in the industry. Slab saws are the workhorses of the cutting industry, allowing the cleanest, quietest and most effective way to cut concrete.
Wall Sawing
Our track-mounted wall saws are used to safely perform precision cuts for openings on vertical or horizontal surfaces. This saw is capable of delivering precise cuts for door, window and HVAC openings. The wall saw is highly portable and has easy set-up to save customers valuable money and time. The track-mounted saws are operated manually or with remote control, providing an even safer work environment. The track mounted saw is the preferred tool for concrete, brick and masonry walls, ceilings, structural beams, columns and flush cut conditions. Our operators are highly trained to produce cuts at any angle, shape or size, leaving a straight, smooth finish with no harm to the remaining structure. We routinely make cuts up to 24 inches deep from one side; however, additional depths can be achieved when both sides of the wall are accessible.
Hand Sawing
Handsaws are lightweight hydraulic powered saws and may be used where larger saws or gas saws cannot, yet small enough to fit in tight areas. Hand sawing provides portability, speed and accessibility on construction jobsites. The hand saw safely and efficiently cuts concrete, hollow or filled brick, block and concrete pipes, manholes and much more. These saws are designed to cut flush with existing floors and walls, create window, door and mechanical openings.  It is particularly useful for inside projects with limited working space.
Chain Sawing
The chainsaw is a specialized hand held saw that lets you cut openings in masonry or concrete structures without overcuts. Our professionally trained and OSHA certified operators can make penetrations through concrete structures making square corners, eliminating over-cuts and reducing patchwork. The chainsaw is a “plunge cut” saw that is capable of cutting depths up to 25 inches.
Wire Sawing
Diamond wire sawing is the newest concrete cutting technology used in the construction industry today. Wire sawing is a braded wire cable that has been embedded with diamonds and uses a series of pulleys to guide the wire. The wire saw gives us the ability to cut very complex structures, both steel and heavily reinforced concrete, leaving you with safe, clean, precise cut. Wire sawing is the most efficient way to remove large concrete structures, or make openings in thick walls. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth. Our innovative wire saws are used when space is limited and time is of the essence. Wire sawing provides safe clean cuts and allows for non-destructive sawing on nuclear plants, bridges, beams, piers and anywhere the surrounding areas are vibration and shock sensitive.
Brokk Demolition
The Brokk is a powerful, electric, compact remote controlled demolition robot, offered in various sizes (90, 110, 250, 260, 330) and small enough to fit through a standard man door and powerful enough to complete major demolition in any environment where fumes cannot be present or highly hazardous areas where a standard excavator is not safe or practical. The Brokk can rotate 360 degrees, compact enough to fit in most elevators and even climb stairs, making this unit one of the safest demolition tools in the construction industry. It has front and rear outriggers to provide stability in uneven situations and the Brokk's state of the art remote control feature ensures complete safety for our operators while allowing them to control the unit from a safe distance with incredible accuracy. This demolition machine has the ability to dig, break, crush and remove massive areas of concrete. The Brokk can be powered by our trucks or generators up to 300’ away or can be wired in at your job with conventional 460V three-phase pigtail, which allows for emissions free use in hospitals, factories and any enclosed areas.
Curb Sawing
Curb sawing is used to cut curbs or parapet walls flush to the road surface to eliminate the need for curb excavation. Our track-mounted hydraulic saw can rotate up to 180 degrees and can be adjusted to achieve different blade heights and angles. We also have high production, ride-on curb machines, which were designed to endure the rigors of cutting thousands of feet of curb in a day. The ride-on curb saws are ideally suited for road or bridge widening projects where large volumes of curb or parapet wall need to be sawed. These machines are high horsepower units with integrated hydraulic systems, which improve production.
We have a variety of floor grinders and grinding tools to meet your grinding needs. Additionally, we have an attachment for our robotic BROKK that can make short work of larger concrete grinding projects. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, smoothing out floors, removing paints and unwanted bumps, removing imperfections, and creating texture for traction.
Ground Penetrating Radar
Locating items below-the surface before digging or demolishing is imperative for the surveying, construction, landscaping, golfing, and environmental, development, utilities and many other industries. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) safely and accurately finds and clearly plots targets in their exact location below the surface in concrete or soils. GPR works by sending a pulse of energy at a below-surface target and recording the strength and the time required for the return of the signal. A series of sent and returned signals, over a specific area, will provide a digital window to view below the surface items.

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